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Data Policy

Data Policy

The information Maximal Print collects about you and how we collect it may vary depending on the products provided, how you acquired those products and how you interacted with the subscription even if you are not a customer, or what we obtained from a third party who was authorised to exchange information with us.

Purpose of Collection

1. We will collect your personal data when, for example:
- You purchase any of the products provided by us
- You register an account for a specific product
- You subscribe to our newsletter or other services that we offer
- You contact us through different channels or you request information regarding our offering
- You granted permission to other organisations, such as our business partners or other 3rd party providers to exchange information about you.
- At the point at which your sensitive data are publicly available

Data Storage

2. Maximal Print saves and processes the following categories of sensitive data of our partners' representatives: role, last name, first name, represented business name, business address (street, postal code, city, country), phone number (landline or mobile), email address, bank account information and other banking details. We will need this data for approving a purchase order, with every purchase that you make, or at anytime we have to make a payment.

Use of Data

3. Maximal Print will use your personal data for the following use cases:
- Processing the products that you acquired from us, and for keeping you up to date with information about the status of your order.
- To draft an invoice in your name for the supplied products.
- Messaging regarding the efficient and correct undertaking of contractual obligations.
- Identification and prevention of fraud.
- Improving the security of our network or IT systems.
- Delivery of messaging for promotional purposes that might be relevant to your business.

Length of Storage

4. Maximal Print can store personal sensitive data of our partner companies' representatives throughout the duration of our contractual agreements, but for no longer than 10 years since the start of our agreement, or our last interaction, whichever was the most recent.

User Rights

5. We would like to inform you that according to the legal requirements, regarding the protection of sensitive personal data, and the free transfer of such data, you can exercise:
- the right to data access
- the right to data modification interventions such as (adjusting, updating, blocking, destroying of incomplete or inaccurate data)
- the right to not be subjected to individualised decisions or treatment
- the right to petition the authorised justice bodies
- the right to submit a complaint with the Supervisory Authorities
- the right to oppose the processing of your sensitive personal data and to request the destruction of such data.


6. The legal grounds for processing sensitive data:
- You agreed to us processing sensitive data. Please remember that you can opt-out at anytime by sending a request at: maximal.productie@gmail.com
- Processing your data is necessary for signing or completing a contract between us and yourself.
- Processing your data is required for protecting your vital interests, or those of another person.
- Processing your data might be required for our own interests, or those of a 3rd party.

If the data that we hold in our database about yourself needs to be updated or has to be destroyed, you can contact us at: maximal.productie@gmail.com

Our data collection processes are carried out with your approval, when dealing business with Maximal Print and are compliant with legal norms and regulations, as well as principles of equity, transparency and protection to prevent unauthorised or illegal access and events of accidental or intentional data loss.

Maximal Print employees are compliant with the legal provisions and requirements, regarding the protection of sensitive data, and aim to act as a fiduciary.

Please do not hesitate to reach out regarding any additional clarifications or information about the way in which we process sensitive data.

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